ReferencesL Watkins, Weeks A. Providing information to pregnant women :. How, what and where BJOG 2009; 116:1-3is the two papers referenced by the authors are:Frost J, Montgomery a, Murphy D. Ladies views on the use of decision aids for decision-making about the method of delivery after a previous caesarean section: qualitative interview study. BJOG 2009; 116: 1-10.

Previous measures concentrated primarily on physical dependence, including questions about the number of cigarettes smoked, smoking upon waking and smoking when ill.The WISDM-68 provides a complete picture of smokers by rating responses to questions in 13 areas, onal attachment to smoking , in response to other smoking , smoked, smoking, reduce stress, to mental stimulation , and smoking automatically . The 68 – question measure was developed by the University of Wisconsin Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center.Is started to 2002, the initiative of add 1,200 new and enlarged healthcare center sites and number of people was annual will be from about 10,000 to 16,000 in 2006. Since 2002, including this new grants, 13.2 million funded about 700 new and enhanced health care centers and the number of clients each year to 13.2 million served in. Was has the capacity of the capacity of health centers in the previous three years as a earnings close to 3 million supplementary American now has access to health services, Secretary Leavitt said. Build This aid to those efforts of and health systems to lengthen a safety net for and more Americans. .. Today grants continue to create President Bush’s five-year initiative to support towns across the country and extend have access to comprehensive primary health care.