The preclinical study investigated the immunogenicity and efficacy of the RSV VLP vaccine in mice -. VLP contains the matrix protein of Newcastle disease virus with a human RSV glycoprotein attachment , the induction of the induction of immunity against RSV established. In this study, the mice were immunized with one of four doses of the RSV VLP vaccine, inactivated RSV, live RSV, or a placebo. Singhvi virus-like particles, on Newcastle disease virus proteins , can be used as a platform for the development of human vaccines, said Trudy G. Morrison, Professor of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, the the results of the study conducted by Novavax ,, vaccine Congress in Boston today presented..

Novavax.. About UMass Medical SchoolThe University of Massachusetts Medical School is one of the fastest growing academic health centers in the country and has a reputation as a world-class research institution, consistently producing noteworthy advances in clinical research and basic research. The Medical School attracts more than $ 193 million extramural research funding annually. Research dollars enable UMMS scientists human disease from the molecular level to explore large-scale clinical trials. Basic research and clinical research to to new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Visit for more information.The reviews will the federal level the federal level quality of action to hospitals.. Was from hospital-acquired infections in upstate New York, possibly because of ability to create a greater number of infections, instead of pursuing an actual increase in infections rose of to a recent study reports the AP / Albany Times Union. The 2008 New York City State Hospital Report Card, of the Niagara Falls Health Quality Coalition, CHECK RATES state two hundred forty-three acute hospitals on 31 common procedural, care, illness and in certain cases, the probability of death, on with three-star rating.