SARS vaccine that the nose the nose monkeys shows promise for humanA new SARS vaccine that is currently being tried in monkeys could one day protect people from the disease, scientists say. The vaccine is sprayed into the nose. To provide protection, the researchers say only one dose is needed.

The tests are conducted at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases , USA. , one, one of the team carrying out the research, said: This study shows that providing directly directly protect effectively in the respiratory tract primates from SARS With more research, we hope to develop a vaccine based on this approach, the be used to rapidly immunize first responders and other medical personnel, helping them control could be a possible outbreak. .The benchmarking tests were Comparative of both ,, conducted and 86 million are against a whole human genome is, kindly provided delivered from the Beijing Genomics Institute. – Friendly benchmark was adjusted sequenced in Illumina Solexa platform and each read having a length of 35 nucleotides in.