Second class citizensop-up fees for expensive drugs Mean two-tier NHS, UK – plans NHS patient to enable top-up their care with privately purchased additional drugs ‘undermine the core principles of the NHS, the creation of a two animal service ‘ .

This is the message that Jacky Davis, an NHS consultant radiologist is to MPs on the health select committee today supply . – Dr Davis, a co-founder of Keep Our NHS Public and member of BMA Council is tell MPs at Westminster that ‘every step in the direction of top-ups within the NHS will increase health inequalities.’ – will warn: ‘NHS patients will sometimes for for the same company with different treatments, based on the ability . ‘This is ‘second-class citizens in healthcare The voice that is almost always missing, in this debate, that those who be able to be able to afford the top ups. Elderly, the poor and the chronically ill.’ Select Committee study top-up fees following Professor Mike Richards ‘ report on access to medicines and new governement leadership. The government has to support its position on top-up fees from considering them as against the core principle of the and and the private top-up industry is changing. Davis will argue that such a core NHS sacrificed not always ‘ options are available: ‘The solution to this problem does not require a change to the basic principles of the NHS, but also improvement in the function of NICE and better cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry ‘. This is realistic, as the number of patients involved is small, since the cost of drugs on the NHS budget -. This does not mean patients without the medicines they need should be left, but ‘it would be better aimed at all clinically appropriate care for all patients in the NHS have ‘ – the essential feature of a comprehensive service. Davis will say: ‘It is often said that the NHS can not afford, to be comprehensive, the observation has traditionally been those who like to dismantle the NHS and replace it with another system would.

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