Self – on Abortion Providers, Abortion and mental health, OtherThe following summarizes selected women’s health-related blog entries.~ Blogs Respond to Abortion and Mental Health Study: comments on multiple blogs in a recent report that adolescents who had abortions, probably no more than their peers who carried their pregnancies to term, and were have have low low self – esteem within one to five years. The study – published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health – analyzed data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, which interviewed 289 girls aged 13 to 18 After salon broadsheet , the research suggests that to abandon anti-choice activists to one of the most popular arguments for access to abortion (Clark – Flory, Broadsheet, org ‘s Women’s Rights also stated that the study a popular lie of antiabortion – rights activist sponsored unmasked the blog post further get information . By itself lies about the negative consequences of abortion, tat tat side effects of an increased risk of breast cancer to severe depression, they try to deny women make make an informed decision about their bodies (DiBranco, Women’s Rights change. At RH Reality Check, writes Jodi Jacobson, that the assumption that abortion and depression are connected was used by anti-choice movement ,, in the legislature and in the courts, including the Supreme Court. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 34 states that currently require that counsel women before an abortion is performed , requiring seven of these states explicitly state that women receive from potential negative psychological effects cautioned cautioned from the process, Jacobson States (Jacobson, RH Reality Check.

On Thursdayendations on Canadian MS research prioritiesOn Thursday, August the Canadian Institutes of Health Research , the the MS Society of Canada, a meeting of the leading North American experts in multiple sclerosis research priorities for Canada to identify this area. Yesterday, at a press conference in Ottawa, CIHR President Dr. Alain Beaudet announced the results of the discussions and shared the recommendations he Lord Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health has made. ‘The Opinions expressed by scientific experts that it is premature to support pan – Canadian clinical trials on the proposed ‘Liberation Procedure ‘said Dr. Beaudet. ‘There is an overwhelming lack of scientific evidence on the safety and efficacy of the procedure, or even that there was a link between blocked veins and MS ‘.

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