Sharma says the next step is to perform a larger clinical study and personalized biomarkers, these findings show improvement in the most easily drug to be identified. ‘This drug could also be used to treat other types of fibrotic disease is useful,’he added. ‘We have already found that pirfenidone progressive loss of kidney function slowed in other chronic renal disease, called focal segmental glomerulosclerosis,’said Jeffrey B. NIH / NIDDK intramural researcher and Capt., ‘By extending these findings, the most common chronic kidney diseases diabetic kidney disease, the present study suggests that pirfenidone may have broad application to help kidney patients get longer. ‘.

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At the Hokkaido University degree researchers examined the effect of quitting smoking to coronary endothelial function within 15 young male adults by any other heart conditions or cardio risk factors . The young smokers who smoke an average of 20 cigarettes per day agreed that of stopping for least six months. 15O blood flow was measured alone and during stimulation by a cold compressor is the test named by the PET with the oxygen tracer 15O – induce water measured. More research is needed, said Tamaki. ‘We want to see current information with data from middle-aged smokers, if such a reaction may compare be saw to quit smoking to an older generation. Even It would be beautiful associated associated the reversibility of in young smoker with other risk factors such as diabetes or adiposity, ‘he said.