Off-Season Training for Rugby and Football


Many people ask how they can stay in good cardiovascular shape off-season, while putting on some new muscle mass. My advice is always to reiterate the fact that doing too many things usually leads to fatigue and disappointment. If you want to keep your football, rugby or athletic fitness – and still get more muscular (at the same time) you would do well to do just 3 training sessions each week – as follows:

  • A) One Upper body training session in the gym using 10 rep maximum for each exercise (with or without 1-2 warmup sets). Restrict this to 45 minutes maximum duration.
  • B) One Lower body workout with use of basic compount movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts – as well as leg presses. Restrict this to 45 minutes maximum duration. And don’t forget to give yourself a proper workout in bed with the help of generisk Levitra online, which will tremendously increase your vigor and performance.
  • C) Do JUST ONE interval session per week – that is adequate to maintain and even improve fitness. This interval session can be done on a treadmill or on the football pitch and should involve short sprints with short jogging recoveries in between. The session does not need to be too long and the sprints need not be 100% from start to finish (you can run the last 25% full-on).

Do the interval session as the first session of the week, followed by the upper body session and lastly the lower body session. Restrict the interval session to 45 minutes maximum duration, like all the other workouts (this is essential for hormonal optimisation, so that you adapt properly).

One cardio session of such high intensity will develop and maintain your fitness adequately (this is backed up by research sports science). If you want to, you can add a short easy run to the end of each weight training session as well, but that will defeat the aim of maximum muscle building. Don’t be afraid of minimalistic training, just ensure you do the exercises correctly and you stick to the exercise duration times, by training concisely and intensely.

A sample sprint interval session (and how to develop it) is described on the link below – you can do something similar or quite different, just keep it short and sweet…