The elaboration of this project consortium consists of seven partners, including Volvo, IKA and IDIADA and from industries such as the automotive industry, public transport, for 2009-2012 technology centers. A total budget of 19 million euros for the project provided for the period 2009-2012. Field trials will be carried out in Spain next year .

Indicates complete ChronSeal – trial and continuing positive results of the follow-up of ChronVac-C studyThe multi-center study in Sweden and Norway with ChronSea has now been completed and the data is in Sweden and Kringle in Japan analyzed. ChronTech and Kringle have jointly decided that the results be made public on 27 At follow-up of ChronVac – study, started in patient now the treatment, according to standard-of-care in all patients were virus free at treatment week 12 and had 5/6 less than 50 copies of the virus / ml blood. Already in the treatment of the fourth week This type of rapid treatment response is very unusual for patients to be treated with the harsh form of HCV infection than genotype 1 and further underscores a role for ChronVac – in combination therapy.

In the course of the study if interventions school with a with low-fat, high-fiber foods and more fruits and veggies. With an emphasis on water, low-fat milk and beverage no added sugars These disciples also had longer, more intense period the physical activity – defined as achieving a heart rate at least 140 beats per minute, a goal of 150 minutes or greater those at a action all 10 days. In Washington, DCs. Have been in creating highly interactive, small-group involved in activities in the classroom and awareness campaigns promote long-term healthy behaviors.