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According to the authors, the occurrence of stroke in patients with OSA is likely due to subclinical cerebrovascular diseases, with sleep apnea, infarction, with with brain magnetic resonance imaging prepended. The lesions were identified as silent brain infarction were either wedge – shaped or round and showed up in brain white matter on MRI scans. ‘The %age of silent cerebral infarction in patients with moderate to severe OSA at 25 % was higher than for obese subjects was 6.7 %, or even patients with mild OSA, had 7 %,’said Dr. Minoguchi.Field of research eating and AD / Cognitive Decline 1 to 2 May, 2006The Rush Institute for Healthy Aging on Rush University Medical Center, in Chicago, and of International Academy for food and Ageing be co-sponsoring an international and interdisciplinary conference nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease / cognitive decrease the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago on May 1-2, 2006 instead.

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