The new industry guidance covers safety measures that will be used, while the rules are written and should be finalized. Where appropriatedes ensuring that the food is kept in transit at appropriate temperatures, that such food is closely monitored for pests, that to transport the vehicles used foods are sanitary and in proper working condition, that pallets are of good quality and that sanitary measures are followed in the loading and unloading of food. – ‘Our goal is for each component of the system, look risks risks science-based science-based measures, where appropriate, to ensure the safety of our food from farms to consumers’ tables maximize ‘said FDA Associate Commissioner for food protection, Jeff Farrar here . ‘Although contamination of food product during commercial transport is relatively infrequent, the potential damage widespread and serious. ‘.

After evaluating comments received in response to the ANPRM, the FDA will propose rules. The FDA will U.S. Departments U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Transportation in the rulemaking.

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