In 2009, the RIKEN – TRI Collaboration Center for Human – Interactive Robot Research , a joint venture founded in 2007 and is located at the Nagoya Science Park in central Japan, a robot named RIBA , which support in this task. The first robot capable of lifting a patient from a bed to wheelchair and back, RIBA prevents a new course in the development of charted care robots, yet functional limitations direct commercialization.

Robots are well-suited for this task, but none yet used in care facilities.. With a projected elderly population in need of care to achieve an incredible 5.69 million by the year 2015, Japan is an urgent need for new approaches to support care staff. One of the most ardent tasks such as personnel performed an average of 40 times per day, that lifting a patient from a futon on the floor in a wheelchair.‘.. CEO the British Dental Health Foundation, Nigel Carter, said: ‘This study is very positive news. Oral Crab is a devastating disease, and a growing body of people are affected by. Whereas any treatment, the found, to the disease is be controlled, is a huge step forward, it is also vital that awareness about the illness, the early symptoms and the risk factors is widely known. A non – enhanced survival rate in five in ten and nine of the ten people. This underlines important it is for the public to know the facts.