The study appears in the 10th November 2009 issue of the British Medical Journal.Ovarian cancer, 600 women will be beat this year and kill 15th causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. It is important to remember that this work is only on cancer cell lines, but it is significant enough that it can be used clinical studies clinical trials that women could benefit with this type of ovarian cancer can be fulfilled see full text . .

The drug, with chemotherapy with chemotherapy was more effective in the fight against ovarian cancer cell lines in which signaling of the Src family kinases, deadly disease deadly disease, is activated.

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The opportunity interaction through single – cell imagingCellular imaging offers a wealth of dates on how cell respond to stimuli, but use of this technique order to study biological systems is a daunting challenges. In a study been published online in Genome Research, researchers have identify a novel method for evaluation of data from individual cell images to genetic interactions within of biological networks offering some insight into the the future of the high-throughput cell imaging analytical develops.

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