The study involved a sample of 200 patients with heart disease, the members of the Association of cardiac patients from Granada, Spain were. The into two groups: the intervention group participated in a cardiac rehabilitation program of the association mentioned conducted while the second group was excluded from the rehabilitation program. Both groups received a clinical functional examination and answered a study on risk with with their heart disease.

The authors of this study confirm that it is important that the heart should be established rehabilitation of cardiac patients. Spain participate in a small %age of heart patients in this type of program, as compared to the rest of Europe.. Patientssitive effects of cardiac rehabilitation programshas carried out research at the University of Granada, the efficiency of a heart rehabilitation program in patients with heart disease is demonstrated.– To access it bottle certainly, hold down the cork with the palm of his hand as removing the wire T. Adjust the bottles at a 45 – degree angle away from the body and from all bystanders.