– The surgical treatment of 1,052 consecutive patients with malignant astrocytomas were performed in a single institution from 1995 to 2006 examined. – Of these 1,052 surgical procedures, 605 were for primary resection, were 410 for secondary resection and 37 were for biopsy. – For the purpose of this study included only patients antidepressant medication for clinical depression at the time of surgery were classified as depression. This corresponded to 49 patients of the total cases. Interestingly, not all demographic and clinical characteristics between depressed and non – depressed patients, but differ in patients were alive, at diagnosis depressed a significantly reduced survival rate was compared with non – depressed patients, said Dr. Particularly clear this was in survival rates beyond 12 months, suggesting that depression most can be harmful to the long-term survive Detailed results include the following:..

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