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Depression, previous sleep problems is a first time mother, not exclusively breastfeeding or having a younger or male infant were factors postpartum postpartum sleep quality. Better maternal sleep was with the baby sleep in another room connected.Closes the manufacture of Oxygent for clinical trials.

About the Phase 2 clinical trial of Europe:On 18th December 2006 Allianz announcing that the French Competent Authority the start of the Phase 2 clinical trial in Oxygent the avoid post-op intestinal obstruction resulting allowed by hypoxia during major surgery degree. Subsequently, the Alliance has been modified a clinical trial protocol revision of French German Ethical Committee and the German responsible authority, the dosing regimen in order produced a dose-escalation report.

Double-Crane will carry out clinical trials in China in compliance with International Conference harmonization of technical requirements to the registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use regulations, which allow Allianz use no data is won in clinical trials elsewhere. Phase was Double-Crane transfusion are to avoid specification on your regions were obtained carried out with a new protocol design based know from Alliance from previous clinical trials in the U.S. And European. These studies , the efficacy of Oxygent in terms of drugs activity of ie the ability to deliver oxygen, the establishment of in hemoglobin the equivalence out of a dose of Oxygent , and the ability of Oxygent so that patients physiological stable and secure at lower intraoperative hemoglobin levels, was demonstrated.