Jones – Engel and her co – authors call for more research in different contexts of human – primate contact. The vast majority of previous viral transmission research bushmeat hunting and consumption, a practice in which residents hunt monkeys for food concentrates. The virus that causes AIDS in humans is believed to have originated as simian immunodeficiency virus , and jumped the species barrier to humans when African bushmeat hunters came into contact with blood from infected animals..

Researchers do not yet know the long-term effects of SFV on humans – there are about 40 known cases of people who are infected, through laboratory or zoo contact, or through bushmeat hunting in Africa. There are no known cases of human disease yet.The results indicate that graphene capacity is very small. Moreover, the quantum capacitance of graphs no exactly duplicated theoretical prediction for the behavior of of ideal graphene. This is the because of the fact that charged contaminants in experimental samples containing of graphs fine-tuned in terms of of what appear change expected to on the theory.. The present study, two electrodes were connected to graphs, and on over the material characteristics two-dimensional surface using a third gate electrode. Plots the power vs. Capacity may be seen in fig1. Tao experiments in graphs are surcharge charge under the laws of of quantum mechanics capacity to detail measurements underwent.