There are two main types of treatment modalities: amnioreduction, fetoscopic in which excess amniotic fluid from the recipient twin screw extruder or a laser procedure to the anatomical basis for the treatment of disease is removed. Study, which began the only major study to compare these two treatments for TTTS was the Eurofetus study compared laser and amnioreduction as primary therapies. This study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2004, found that after six months there was better survival among twins using laser vs.

What did find Dr. Crombleholme and his colleagues two predictors for success were one was the stage of severity of TTTS the other. Was the echocardiographic findings of heart failure, fetal echocardiography, which is not done routinely in TTTS in most centers should be done if a patient is diagnosed, according to Dr. Crombleholme.About Aztreonam for Injection, USP that aztreonam for injection, to USP is used for treating of infections given through sensitive gram-negative microorganisms, including urinary tract infections, infections of the lower respiratory tract, the skin and – structural infections, including associated with postoperative wounds, ulcers and burns, intra-abdominal infections and gynecologic infections. It is for adjunct to operational in treatment of infections which are caused by susceptible organisms, appear..