Professor Williams ‘ research shows that lowering heart rate in older people beta-blockers beta-blockers may have a potentially detrimental effect on central aortic pressure have .

The research, conducted by Bryan Williams, Professor of Medicine at the University of Leicester, and his colleague Dr. Peter Lacy, has been published in the prestigious journal of the American College of Cardiology and has been cited on the MDLinx. Com website as the world ‘s number one leading finding in this field.From research it seems nicotinamide is more than one beneficial effect on nerve cells and including facilitation of return of ‘bad’ phosphorylated tau. This investigation is interesting since it points to the new ways of treating Alzheimer disease.

Needed now, social Comment On of nicotinamide vitamin B3 study in the Journal NeuroscienceA over-the Counter vitamin in large doses prevented from loss of memory mice with certain aspects of Alzheimer’s disease , according to a issued today published in the journal of Neuroscience.