The title of his lecture is Two views of brain function. .. We have a duty to the scientific progress that has been entrusted to us by previous generations to make for to develop for our own benefit as well as for those who will follow us. This is our time and , said make a difference, said Arthur S. Senior vice chancellor of health sciences and dean of the School of Medicine. This annual event always provides a welcome opportunity In addition, some of the latest, exciting advances in a wide range of disciplines, but also some of the inherent complexities and problems that present to explore these developments presentations of more than 50 researchers from Pitt, Carnegie Mellon University and local industry.;, a showcase of the new technology by Pitt researchers who developed available for licensing, research poster – Science 2008 will keynote presentations by four of the nation’s leading scientists have meetings, a professional development workshop for early-career scientists and other events.

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On UNICEFUNICEF is on the bottom of in over 150 countries and territories of, to developing countries for helping children survival of and thrive, ranging from early childhood to adolescence. The worldwide largest provider of vaccine for developing countries, UNICEF supports the health of children & Nutrition, good water and sanitation services, quality basic education to all boys and girls, and protection of violence against children, exploitation, and AIDS. Through voluntary donations by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.