Transdermal patches are designed to provide controlled, continuous release of drug through the skin. This remains stable drug levels in the blood, improve the quality and thus can access to higher doses. In addition, patches nurses help monitor treatment compliance because it visual confirm, that the medication was withdrawn provide. – Although Alzheimer’s treatments have been in oral forms for some time, we believe that, a patch unique advantages for patients with this disease have, said James Shannon, Global Head of Development at Novartis Pharma AG. If approved, the Exelon Patch could potentially improve patient compliance and help patients and their caregivers achieve a better quality of life.

An international study of the first transdermal patch in patients with Alzheimer’s disease – a degenerative brain disorder that affect estimated to more than 15 million people worldwide – has shown that it can deliver a promising new therapeutic approach.National agency NEEDLE NOSE uses an array of sensors and five gold nanoparticles computational algorithms so as to detect patterns of volatile organic compounds or exhaled air.

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