This is because the research has not been able to disentangle the effects the effects of speed limit changes on factors such as speed enforcement; traveled vehicle miles, vehicle occupancy, seat belt use, alcohol; proportions of passenger cars, minivans, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles and vehicle safety features, including air bags and antilock brakes. The models research research calculate estimated probabilities on accident data. Of the 204,382 accidents on highways in 2004, took 21 % of injuries, and about 0 click to follow .4 % were fatal. The same %ages 182,922 182,922 accidents in 2006. Comparing only highways, where the speed limit rose to 70 showed virtually no change from 2004 to 2006.

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Dr. Continues to grow strongly postof pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim continues to show strong LC growth on first semester of 2008 to publish . Because of the strength the euro against the U.S. Dollar and the Japanese yen, the growth according to the consolidation in euros was 2.1 with sales of with sales of EUR as compared with EUR 5 in the the six months of 2007.

Operating income of EUR 899 million and the return on sales decreased compared to the the previous year. Which the exchange rate and expenditure for research, development and medicine the first half that the previous year compared to last year. The emphasis was on clinical research in the core of the research-based pharmaceutical businesses.