USA Today Richard Doerflinger of the U.S. Conference of Bishops embryonic stem cell research embryonic stem cell research, called the announcement a political event, but the science is all moving in the other direction, ‘toward ‘ induced ‘ stem cells.

The Associated Press / Philadelphia Inquirer:. ‘President Obama lifted eight years restrictions on these master cells last spring But $ 21,000-and – counting in new projects were on hold until the National Institutes of Health determined hundreds of hundreds of existing stem cell lines to operate ethically. ‘The announcement means researchers ‘can begin the promised immediately Millions projects, a day’s work include repair of damaged heart tissue and grow new brain cells. Stem cell stem cell money is later this winter, with resources from the economic – stimulus package ‘(Neergaard.Gabriel Danovitch Medical Director at University of California – Los Angeles, said: We realize that some people are to win at the end of some people, but in to the end the end it is in that said system more reasonable to select box. The proposal would give approved by the UNOS aboard and require HHS.. J. For Organ release consider New Distribution System to donor kidneys.

Opposition opponents the proposal maintain that the current distribution on donor kidney ensures that waiting people, If for and keeping you stay alive, is finally it on to make head of the list top of the list, the magazine says. A, a transplantation surgeon from Tufts – New England Medical Center, said, Is it right and admissible saying to the system, the five or six of more years of life that a 60 – year-old is have get less valuable, as important as the 15 years of the lives to the 30 – year-old will receive to Glenda Rosenbloom said on behalf of the transplant patients, International Organization: We do a system hope of caters to all irrespective of their age (Meckler, Wall Street Journal,.