In Nature,rs Tout Need all forms of stem cell researchpublished in light of recent breakthrough study in adult stem cell research in Nature, warns a group of the world’s leading researchers, the International Society for Stem Cell Research , to discounting the potential benefits of all forms of stem cell research, adult and embryonic alike read more here .

The study at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute by Dr. Douglas Melton, co-director of the Institute , and a founding member of the ISSCR, shown in mice made that a non – insulin-producing cells in the pancreas could be diverted produce insulin by a process called direct reprogramming . – There is no question that this study in the field in the field of regenerative medicine, said Dr. George Q. ISSCR past president and associate director of the Stem Cell Program at Children’s Hospital Boston said. But as has Dr. Melton himself insists of regenerative medicine.previously not negate the role of research with induced pluripotent stem or human embryonic stem cells. In fact, there is research on embryonic stem cells that science provides the foundation and insight to make the progress as this study possible. There is no doubt that embryonic and adult go all forms of stem cell research we we full promise full promise of regenerative medicine. .

According to AFP / dismissed more organizations Castellvi demands. Flavia Franconi, by the Society of Italian Pharmacology said the hormones contained in said pill such as estrogen, are everywhere. In plastics, disinfectant, meat that we Dining. Gianbenedetto Melisande, contraceptive contraceptive research institution, said: When metabolized, hormones include in oral contraceptives is no longer have one of the characteristic effects the female hormones. .

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