Were reported. Strain of the virus in German Farmauthorities have confirmed that the dead ducks were infected at a poultry farm in Wachenroth, Bavaria Erlangen – Hochstadt area, southern Germany, about 120 miles north of Munich, with the virulent H5N1 virus strain. Over 400 ducks died in the farm over a short period. Tests conducted at the Friedrich – Loeffler-Institute of Veterinary Medicine, identified the H5N1 virus strain.

The Court been isolated by a three-kilometer exclusion zone and every 160,000 birds were in an the spread of disease the spread of disease slaughtered. This is the largest ever culling operation in Germany. The animals were placed in large containers and killed electrocuted or gassed on Saturday afternoon.Friedland and colleagues note that of Potato virus is a pretty common infection that not hazard to humans . While test PVY antibody ultimately determine how useful they may be be, they may be a promising lead compound for treating of this debilitating disease. – ###. Turn leading to research on premature delivery advances.

####The National Institute of Health is the funding of research.