Tripp, whose results appear in the December issue of the Journal of Virology, the study with doctoral student Wenliang Zhang co-author here . Earlier studies by Tripp and other researchers have shown the treatment of mice with a small interfering RNA drug causes the replication of respiratory syncytial virus, and to reduce the duration of the disease. RSV is a common virus flu-like symptoms flu-like symptoms in otherwise healthy adults, but in infants, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems deadly. Work from the Tripp lab has already experimenting with the RNAi therapeutics for RSV infection as ALN – RSV01 who Tripp in phase II clinical trials by by Cambridge, Mass.-based Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, In the current study, contributed famous investigates how a related drug affects the body’s ability later later infection.

ReNu with MoistureLoc showed the highest decrease in the anti-fungal activity after the 60-degree storage, while Clear Care and ReNu MultiPlus showed the smallest decline. The authors specifically analyzed the strains of Fusarium , which were connected to the keratitis epidemic. The found when they allowed at room temperature ReNu with MoistureLoc fungal growth 27 of 84 27 of 84 different mixtures of isolates in different solutions and at various levels of dilution stored. If at 140 degrees Fahrenheit saved, the solution allowed fungal growth in 67 of 84 of these combinations. The precise temperature, duration of exposure to elevated temperature and extent of temperature fluctuation that may diminish the antimicrobial activity of a particular contact lens solution is not known, and thus additional studies may be justified, however, coupled to our findings with the FDA reports of Bausch & Lomb to to storage and transport storage and transport temperatures of the products manufactured in their Greenville plant, may be significant, conclude Bullock and colleagues. – Knowledge of the possible loss of antimicrobial activity of contact lens solutions and other pharmaceutical products at higher temperatures and the risk of such exposure during storage and transport of these products can help to to prevent such epidemics exposed in the future. .

The discovery researchers McGill University and which associated Lady Davis Research Institute for Medical done of the Jewish Common in Montreal Hospital new hope to that screening and treatment on Alzheimer’s disease.

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